Professor Emeritus:Mahmoud Abdel Hakim El-Rifai
Chemical Engineering
Email :mahmoud***
Room Number :304
imgB.Sc. (1962) "Chem.Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1965) "Chem.Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgDiploma (1967) "International Seminar for Research and Education in Chemical Engineering" Karlsruhe (Germany)
imgPh.D. (1968) "Chem.Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgDynamic Modeling
imgProcess Synthesis
imgSeparation Processes
Recent Publications :
img-2015-Mass Transfer- Fluid Flow Interactions in Perforated Plate Extractive Reactors
img-2014-Salt recovery from brine generated by large-scale seawater desalination plants
img-2012-Flue gas desulfurization and humidification dehumidification in power plants
img-2012-Explosion of ammonium nitrate solutions, two case studies
img-2012-Prediction of salt rejection in seawater nanofiltration membrane process
img-2012-Emergency venting into redundant pipelines
img-2012-Flow dynamics in perforated plate liquid extraction columns
img-2012-Simulation and optimization of large scale desalination plants: a case study for South Mediteranian coast
img-2011-Sensitivity of orifice meter gas flow computations
img-2011-Composition dynamics in perforated plate liquid extraction columns
img-2011-Esterification catalysis through functionalized membranes
img-2010-An assessment of the air pollution data from two monitoring stations in Kuwait
img-2009-Quick estimation of gas pipeline inventory
img-2009-Forecasting of ozone pollution using artificial neural networks
img-2007-Steady state modeling of perforated plate extraction columns
img-2007-Indirect cooling crystallization process analysis
img-2006-Computer control of perforated plate extractive reactors
img-2005-Control of thermally integrated incineration-waste heat recovery systems, a case study
img-2003-Extraction-stripping process synthesis with multiple solvent circulation loops
img-2002-Integrated Design of Coupled Separation Operations With Independent Soluent Circulation Loops
img-2000-Assessment of Vapour Compression for the Concentration of Dilute urea Solutions
img-1999-Integrated Analysis of Coupled Separation Operations
img-1991-Calculation of optimal controller settings and transient responses of a shell and tube heat exchanger
img-1991-A new dynamic model for a shell and tube heat exchanger
img-1991-Maximization of thermal efficiency of fluidized bed heat regenerators
img-1990-Simulation of variable flow fluidized bed heat regenerators
img-1988-Mathematical modeling of catalytic fluidized-bed reactors-I. The multistage three-phase model
img-1988-Mathematical modeling of fluidized bed heat regenerators
img-1987-Multiplicity of the steady state in fluidized bed reactors-VIII. Partial oxidation of o-xylene
img-1987-Ventriculo-jugular shunt against the direction of blood flow I. Role of the internal jugular vein as an anti-siphonage device
img-1987-Ventriculo-jugular shunt against the direction of blood flow II. theoretical and experimental basis for shunting the cerebrospinal fluid against the direction of blood flow
img-1985-Effect of stabilizer type on artificial weathering of rigid PVC.II
img-1984-Active transport membrane concentration amplifiers
img-1983-The effect of hydrogen ion production on the steady state multiplicity of substrate inhibited enzymatic reactions-I. Steady-state consideration
img-1983-Effect of stabilizer type on the mechanical properties of rigid poly vinyl chloride. I
img-1980-Effect of feedback inhibition on the behavior of multienzyme monolinear reaction chains
img-1980-Structuring of interactions in coupled separation processes
img-1979-Multiplicity and memory in membranes carrying monosubstrate-inhibited enzymes
img-1978-Effect of kinetic regime and axial dispersion on the dynamic response of counter flow extractive reactors
img-1977-Analysis of a countercurrent tallow-splitting column
img-1977-Dynamic analysis of enzyme reactors exhibiting substrate inhibition multiplicity
img-1975-Composition dynamics in multi-mixer-settler extractive reaction batteries
img-1975-Stage wise partial pressure sulphonation of aromatics
img-1975-Heterogeneous modeling of particulate immobilized enzyme systems
img-1974-Temperature transients in fixed bed heat regenerators
img-1973-Steady-state analysis of a class of heterogeneous reactors
Conferences :
img-2014-Increasing octane number through minor modifications in an existing PENEX-DIH unit, A case study
img-2014-Steady state control of perforated plate extractive reactors
img-2004-Environmental restructuring, a case study
img-1994-Effect of uneven cooling medium temperature profiles on the conversion of reactive flow in a catalytic fixed bed reactor for the partial oxidation of o-xylene
img-1994-Dynamic behaviour of reactive flow in a catalytic fixed bed reactor for the partial oxidation of o-xylene
img-1985-Dynamics of peritoneal dialysate regeneration
img-1983-Patient-peritoneal dialysis machine simulation study
img-1983-A cerebral circulation model for analysis of CSF hydrodynamics
img-1980-Multiplicity of the steady state in fluidized bed reactors, VII-The effect of transport and kinetic parameters on the stability and controllability of complex reactions
img-1977-Composition dynamics and control in counter flow extractive reactors
img-1974-Design and economics of a wastewater reuse system in an ammonium nitrate fertilizer plant
img-1974-Dynamic analysis of lumped and distributed parameter gas-particle heat regenerators