Professor Emeritus:Mahmoud Aly Reda Youssef
Structural Engineering
 Properties & Strength of Materials 
Email :mah_reda2003***
Mobile :01223101618
Room Number :Materials Testing Lab
Fields of Interest :
img- Composite Materials
img- Strength and Technology of Construction Materials
img- Maintenance and Repair of Structures
img- Quality Control and Assurance in Construction Industry
img- Fire Resistance / Protection of Structures
img- Fracture Mechanics
img- Prefabricated Components / Systems
img- Torsion of Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete
img- Low-cost alternatives of building materials for low-income housing
img- Arbitration in engineering and construction disputes
Administrative Positions :
img-2004-2009-Chairman, The Permanent Scientific Committee for Promoting Associate Professors in Structural and Construction Engineering, The Supreme Council of Universities.
img-2000- till now-Chairman,The Permanent Organizing Committee of The Arab Structural Engineering Conference.
img-1999-2004-Head, Structural Eng. Dept., Faculty of Eng., Cairo University
img-1984-2004-Head, Materials Testing Lab, Cairo University
Awards :
img-1989-Chosen among the Egyptian Prominent Personalities, the National Encyclopedia issued by The General Information Authority.
img-1984-First Class Decoration of Sciences and Arts, awarded by President Mobarak.
img-1982-National (State) Award for Engineering Sciences, National Academy of Science.
img-1979-Appreciation Certificate, Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces Engineers.