Professor Emeritus:Mohamed Ezzat Sobeih
Structural Engineering
Email :msobaih2***
imgPh.D. (1974) "Structural Engineering" Sherbrooke University (Canada)
Fields of Interest :
imgEarthquake Engineering
Recent Publications :
img-2018-"Proposed Methodology for Strengthening of Existing RC School Buildings in ABHA City, Saudi Arabia". 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 18-21 June, 2018.
img-2016-"Evaluation of Regular Multistory Buildings Using IBC2009 Code and ESEE Regulations by Pushover Analysis Method". Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 2016,6,pp. 595-617.
img-2016-"Investigation of Effects of Spectrum Method on Performance Evaluation of Multi-Story Buildings According to the IRAQI Seismic Code Requirements" Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 2016,6, pp. 420-441.