Professor Emeritus:Hoda Anis Baraka
Computer Engineering
Email :
imgB.Sc. (1982) "Electical eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1985) "Graphics" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1989) "Computer Networks" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgNetwork protocols
imgMobile Neworks
imgComputer Networks
imgInformation Systems
imgInternet of Things
imgArtificial Intelligence
Recent Publications :
img-2018-A proposed approach for generating Arabic from interlingua in a multilingual machine translation system
img-2018-Mapping Interlingua representations to feature structures of Arabic sentences
img-2015-Information systems performance evaluation, introducing a two-level technique: Case study call centers
img-2014-Cancer incidence in Egypt: results of the national population-based cancer registry program
img-2013-Assessing call centers’ success: A validation of the DeLone and McLean model for information system
img-2011-Egypt National Cancer Registry- Damietta Profile
img-2009-Extended Kalman filtering and Interacting Multiple Model for tracking maneuvering targets in sensor netwotrks.
img-2009-Factors Affecting Lifelong Learning Using e-Learning: An Egyptian Perspective
img-2009-Real time localization algorithm for maneuvering targets in non-uniform sensor networks
img-2009-Syntactic Generation of Arabic in Interlingua-based Machine Translation Framework
img-2008-Cancer profile in Aswan
img-2008-Generating Arabic text in multilingual speech-to-speech machine translation framework
img-2007-DRKH: A Power Efficient Encryption Protocol for Wireless Devices
img-2007-Generating Arabic text from interlingua
img-2005-DRKH: dynamic re-keying with key hopping
img-2004-Machine translation of English noun phrases into Arabic
img-2004-A reliable multicast protocol for wireless mobile multihop MANET
img-2004-ReMHoc: a reliable multicast protocol for wireless mobile multihop ad hoc networks
img-2004-On the reliability of ODMRP in mobile ad hoc networks
img-2002-Real-time voice quality guarantee on the IP based networks
img-2002-Reliable Multicasting in Wireless Mobile Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Network Ms
img-2001-A Novel Location Management Technique for Cellular Mobile Communication Networks
img-2000-A software radio architecture for CDMA IS-95-based dual mode mobile terminals
img-2000-A structured testing methodology for knowledge-based systems
img-1999-An architecture of distributed co-simulation backplane
img-1999-Genetic algorithms in solving graph partitioning problem
img-1999-Unified chromosome representation for large scale problems
img-1999-Speculative work in neural network forecasting: an application to Egyptian cotton production
img-1998-Solving graph partitioning problem using genetic algorithms
img-1998-Priority-Based Call Admission Control in ATM networks using Neural Networks
img-1998-Voice and video over ATM based cellular networks
img-1998-Migrating group communication protocols to networks with mobile hosts
img-1998-Multi-Code Minislot Signaling Access CDMA Protocol for Personal Communication Networks
img-1998-New AAL Protocol For Cellular and Multimedia Traffic
img-1998-New AAL Protocol For Cellular and Multimedia Traffic
img-1998-Genetic application in the design of dynamic interconnection networks
img-1998-An integrated model for intranet security using prevention and detection techniques
img-1998-A new Framework for Securing an Internet-Connected LAN
img-1998-An Approach for Automating the verification of KADS-based Expert Systems
img-1998-A New Scheme for Fair Share Allocation in ATM Networks
img-1997-Airline Crew Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms
img-1997-Optimal Design For Interconnection Network Using Genetic Algorithm
img-1997-New selection rule for multiple virtual paths in ATM networks
img-1997-Scheduling acyclic task graphs using genetic algorithms
img-1997-Transformation of Lotos specifications to Estelle specifications
img-1996-Call Admission Control for Variable Bit Rate Services in ATM Networks
img-1995-Resources Utilization Parameters For Flow Control in Datagram Networks
img-1994-Congestion_based Routing Algorithms for Packet Switching Networks
img-1993-Impact of Buffer Size on Loss Performance of Statistical Multiplexing in ATM Networks
img-1993-Impact of Source Parameters, traffic Homogeneity and Buffer Size on the statistical Gain and the Cell Loss Rate at ATM Network Access Points
img-1992-Prediction of post-cardiopulmonary bypass cardiac output by venous oximetry.
img-1992-The Design and Performance of an Isdn Channel Access Processor
img-1991-Optimal policies for integrating heterogeneous services on ISDN channels
img-1991-Hierarchical Access Integration Techniques for ISDN
img-1990-Informatics Education in a Developing Society
img-1990-Performance Models of Access Integration Policies in ISDN channels
img-1989-New Access Integration Schemes for BISDN
img-1988-A Flow Control Strategy for wideband ISDN
img-1988-A two-level flow control policy for ISDN services
img-1986-A New Algorithm for Urban Telephone Planning
img-1985-Microcomputer Based Graphic System for Locating Hidden Objects by Simulation
Administrative Positions :
img-2019-Head of Computer Engineering Department
img-2006-First Deputy Minister of ICT
Awards :
img-2008-UNESCO ICT in Education Award