Professor Emeritus:Ihab Elsayed Talkhan
Computer Engineering
Email :Italkhan***
Mobile :0201223105504
imgB.Sc. (1980) "Electrical Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgM.Sc. (1983) "Electrical Eng" Cairo University (Egypt)
imgPh.D. (1991) "preparation for Ph.D" Oakland University (Michigan, USA)
imgPh.D. (1993) "Computer Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)
Fields of Interest :
imgSimulation Modeling and design of digital system
imgUsing VHDL , CPLD ,FPGA in digital system desgin
imgDigital sysetm testing
imgFault Tolerance techniques
imgFalut diagnoses detection
imgHardware Encryption techniques
Recent Publications :
img-2017-Towards distributed layered intrusion detectionsystem for large scale wireless sensor networks
img-2016-A Parallel Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm for Classification and Prediction
img-2015-Distributed Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks
img-2015-Towards Distributed Layered Intrusion Detection Syatem for Large cale Wireless Sensor Networks
img-2015-Security in Mission Critical Communication Systems: Approach for Inrusion Detection
img-2014-Reduced Complexity Divide and Conquer Algorithm for Large Scale TSPs
img-2014-Residual Energy Considerations for AODV Enhancement
img-2013-Towards Standardized Conformance Test Suite for ISO Transport Layer Protocol
img-2013-CAM: Clustering Algorithms for Multimodal WSN
img-2013-Formal Method to Derive Interoperability Requirements and Guarantees
img-2012-LEACH vs Leach-C vs K-Means vs Fuzzy C-Means
img-2012-A Feature Consistency Based Learning Approach and Application in Visual Generic Object Recognition
img-2012-Worst-Case Test Vectors for Delay Failures Induced by Total Dose in ASICs
img-2012-Smart Clustring for Multimodal WSNs
img-2012-A Deterministic Anneling Approach to Learning Bayesian networks
img-2012-Utilizing a Multimodal Wireless Node Features for the Benefit of WSN Lifetime
img-2010-A Proposed Design of A Stream Cipher Model based on Feedback with Carry Shift Registers
img-2009-Parallel SAR computations inside Human Head due to Radiation from Microstrip Antenna using Grid Portal
img-2009-Analyzing the Evolvability of NeuroEvolution Systems
img-2009-Corner-based background segmentation using adaptive resonance theory
img-2009-GAMA (Genetic Algorithm driven Multi-Agents) for E-Commerce Integrative Negotiation
img-2008-The Effect of Genetic Operations on the Diversity of Evolvable Neural Nertworks
img-2008-Evolvable Neural Networks Ensembles for Accidents Diagnosis
img-2008-Evolving Neural Networks Ensembles NNEs
img-2008-Measuring the Genotype Diversity of Evolvable Neural Networks
img-2007-Adaptive Weights Bandwidth Neural Networks Evolution
img-2007-Fast, Scalable ADDER for Reconfigurable Fabrics
img-2006-A New Register File Structure for Reconfigurable Architecture
img-2006-Comparing the Performance of Learnable Evolution Model LEM and Pattern Search as a Function Optimizer
img-2006-Algorithms for Detecting Approximated 2D Curved Edges in a Polygon for 3D Generation
img-2006-Performance of Routability Improvements for Routability-Driven FPGA
img-2005-Enhanced techniques in accessing 2D CAD geometry for 3D generation
img-2005-Self-Managed Business ObjectAechitecture
img-2003-Crypto-Algorithms Maker Kit
img-2002-Monitoring and Synchronization for Team Work in GPGP
img-2000-LFSR VHD-Based Desgin
img-2000-Ahybrid Serach Algoritm for Car-like Roobot Navigation
img-1999-VHD-Based FIFO Design
img-1998-Frractal Encoding of Images Using Central Moments Based Tree search
img-1998-Management Scheme for integrated Message Desk and Interactive Multimedia Intelligent Terminals
img-1996-A proposed ATE for digital Systems